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Best paint stripper for plastics?


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Just took some miniatures out of a 24 hour bath in Purple Power last night.  I found it stripped acrylic paints very well, but hardly put a dent in what I assume (second hand paint job) was enamel red primer.  Aggressive toothbrush scrubbing on the red after 24 hours created some slightly pink/red foam, but no noticeable surface change on the red paint.  I might try throwing the red back in for another day or two and see how long that really takes to dissolve, videos I saw online had people leaving figures in PP for over 72 hours without damage to the plastic though the metal had a slight tarnished look in one example that didn't seem to be reducing detail.


Absolutely no damage to the plastic and the metal pieces were bare with minimal exception after a quick scrubbing.  Superglue was definitely weakened, some smaller joints came apart in my hands with minimal effort, but larger joints (space marine waist, neck, backpack, etc.) stayed solid.


All that said, I have seen side by side comparisons with simple green online where simple green won out stripping metal models, I went with PP because a couple threads mentioned it being effective on Army Painter colored primer.  If I decide to strip more models I might try that next time, I bought a gallon of PP for under $5 already.

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Second on the Simple Green as it works well even if you may have to do multiple soaks and it has the bonus of not being full of things you probably don't want to dump into the water supply or soaking into your skin but gloves are probably a good thing as it is pretty strong.


If you are impatient or having a hard time with Simple Green then oven cleaner will cut through it all in 2 treatments at most but you wanna use it outside/with very good ventilation and wear gloves. Just coat liberally and ignore it for an hour or so then rinse with water and scrub up with a toothbrush. It will weaken any superglue bonds so the model will most likely come apart as well but it will strip paint quite nicely.

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