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my night gobos from the dusty bag...

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Alright time to actually post a list competing in the Bellingham slamwich. 2500 points and I haven't played fantasy in 4 years. I got two turns of a game against chaos warriors that showed me I had stuff setup wrong. This is my new list. Know that for swaps all I really have is a chunk of squigs and goblins for a herd, problem I have is I've never been able to use them effectively even back when I was playing animosity or other factors always kept them out of the fight when I needed them. Hoppers on the other hand seem to work well for me bounding in where and when I need.

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This will be my list,  split as I'm using a phone...


Edit list:

Lords maxed

Skarsnik warlord of the eight peaks and Gobbla.

Lvl 4 night goblin shaman channeling staff and opal amulet.

Night goblin warboss 145 points subject to cutting... Fencers blades, glittering scales, talisman of endurance.



Night gobo bsb with bad moon banner (stubborn, soft cover, and charges in base take dangerous terrain)

2 big bosses on giant cave squigs with great weapons

9 big bosses on foot with great weapons (34 each)


Special and rare fancy things:

2 bolt throwers

2 doom divers

2 mangler squigs

4 five strong squig hopper units (60 each)


Now the core:

2 five strong spider rider units with musician and short bows 

3 twenty strong night gobo archer units with musician

Forty two strong unit of hand weapon shield night gobos with nets, and full command

5 fanatics to sprinkle about, three in the big warriors, and who knows with the other others...


The units with points included are the things I could drop guess I really like the rest.


Alright help a player out!? Please.

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If you are gonna be running Skarsnik (As I do) as your warlord you want a horde formation unit with him in it and one next to you as well for him to benefit from the hordes with his weapon but also so they can be used as an awesome anvil! Space them out sufficiently to reduce the fanatics once they are released, but close enough to benefit from skarsniks leadership (8 not great but not bad for a NG) and you're good to go! Nets are a must for obvious reasons. 3 fanatics in each block works (Or the occasional one in archers is a great surprise and works wonders!) 


Any reason why you not taking any squiq herders? In small number and using them out front to be used as squig bombs (With the herders in the front) they can be fun but also start softening up units.


Also might be worth considering wolf riders purely for the ability to get up to any war machines (Doom Divers and bolt throwers are great but a backup is always nice to have)

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The herds have never worked well for me hoppers are cheaper and I can use them to divert quite a bit.


I arrange the archers in hoard formation for increased amount of shots and to divert things again. The spiders do just fine getting to war machines along with the squigs and I converted them to be night gobo ish. I really like the mine field of random movement I build keeps it hard for my opponent to come at and allows for decent redeployment of strength... Squig herd bombs might become a thing... 

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As Splinx hinted O&G need to use the Hammer and Anvil from my experience and Gobos more than Orcs. Our units struggle winning a one on one fight with many other units in the game. And if you can gat a unit with three ranks at least to flank the unit you are in combat with you can disrupt them taking away rank bonuses.


I am going to be spending lots of time this winter working on the Hammer&Anvil tactics to see if I can improve my games.

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I get it... I need to get a bit better at possibly reforming those archer units to flank stuff once my anvil is locked... While I think I'm pretty locked into this list for the event soon. Maybe that block can win straight up fights. Squig hoppers flying in on the flanks help and with that random movement it has worked in the past...

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squig hoppers are not reliable diverters as they are random move.  Do you have any trolls?  They fill the hammer role wonderfully in a goblin list IMO.  squig herds are also very good imo.  hoppers are not nearly as effective as they used to be.  the squigs rarely get to strike as they are init 2 iirc.  with units of 5 they wont have a chance to strike while a big squig herd has enough #'s to absorb some hits and then dish out some punishment.  Looking forward to seeing you at hamslamwich :-)

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On paper you are totally correct, I've gotten really good at the compulsory movement phase tho. Hoppers are ini 3 problem is keeping them in combat one I've gotta flank worth them. They usually run. I find that I stuck at maneuver, I can never get those flank units in quickly enough, didn't think of using the archers as flankers, basically since I stuck so bad I just put enough units out front it is such a mess no one navigates it well! 4 units of hoppers two big bosses on squigs and a comp of 14 should see me through happily enough!


Thanks for the tips guys!

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