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Locked and Unlocked Units

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Servitors in C SW have the following "Special Rule."

Thralls: If Servitors are included in a Detachment that includes at least one Iron Priest, the Servitors do not use up a Force Organisation slot.



They may be taken as an Elite with or without a Techmarine.  They just gain benefits from being included with a Techmarine.  


Lone Wolfs have the following, but it isn't a Special Rule, it's part of it's Unit Comp:





1 Lone Wolf

You can take one Lone Wolf for each Troops choice or unit of Wolf Guard or Wolf Guard Terminators in your army. This selection does not use up a Force Organisation slot.




To me, it looks like Lone Wolfs are taken like Honor Guard or Command Squads or Death Company Dreads.  Servitors, on the other hand, may be taken regardless of the Techmarine.  They just become Slot Free if you have one.  


At that point, I have to ask, is the Court of Archon set up like a Lone Wolf or like the Servitors?  Up to this point, I was under the impression that it was set up like Lone Wolf and the others.  Having seen Servitors, it made me wonder, but I didn't want to bog down LH's thread any longer.

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This brings me an interesting question. Could a formation detachment include additional units which become avalible because the formation's selections, while not being listed in the allowed units? Not requiring any slots...

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