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PC woes

Brother Glacius

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So I entered my office this morning and my PC was showing "run Window's repair tool?"




So I did, and basically my PC keeps shutting down. Heck, I even went into the Bios to just look at things, and it rebooted from there as well. I have no idea what is going on. I did try to start windows as normal, got all the way to entering my password...but as the background screen came up, it lasted only a few seconds before rebooting again.


Part of me thinks it might be a temp problem, which is why I went into bios. It showed the temp of the CPU to be 30C, well in the normal range.


I'm clueless here. What in the world would cause the PC to shutdown while sitting in the bios? What would let it run for only a minute or two before rebooting?


How can I troubleshoot this?

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Sounds like yer stuck in a windows upgrade reboot loop. I see this often at work. Sometimes it recovers. Sometimes it doesn't.


Boot and hit F8 repeatedly until the advanced boot options menu shows up. Try last known good configuration. You need it to boot once without it rebooting on its own. Then try safe mode if that doesn't work.


We end up reinstalling Windows on most of these computers. The data is still there if you take the hard drive out.


Luck to ya.

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If you don't allow auto-updates (which is, I assume, how you would get to this state overnight) then another possibility is a short somewhere critical.  I'd be surprised to see that develop from nothing to "every couple of minutes" overnight though.  And the bad news is that I have no good suggestions for troubleshooting a short.  It's ugly, tedious and can be expensive.

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The only thing that was happening before this was that catalyst control center kept crashing. However the system would run fine. I have been trying to use the windows repair tool....sometimes it tries to run, sometimes it crashes just after loading it. Once, it told me it could read memory at a certain location when it tried to do a restore. Basically though, the system keeps rebooting within 60 seconds of starting.

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It wouldnt boot if its the power supply


It is very likely a corrupt sector on yer hard drive that just happens to be where your system files live. Get a diff hard drive, replace current one with it, reload windows on new drive.


Catalyst control center always crashes out eventually (bad programs are bad). I doubt it is the cause.

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