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IG with a few different friends 2k


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Alright everyone with humans being friends with each other there are a ton of combinations that can be created that are both fun and game winning. I usually enjoy making all sorts of silly combos but the rules seem to be getting complicated and there is vocab that I don't entirely know about. With that in mind I tried going back to GK's and noticed the book is just.....knights. Whenever I made lists they only represented half the force and now they are 100% whether I like it or not. Well kids I don't like it and I want to mix ALL THE THINGS. I am trying to field stuff I either really want or currently own. I could use a little help from people who have played this edition as I have not.


The only things I don't own are a Wyvern (I have a FW Gryphon) and the Avenger Strike Figher (but I want to get it really badly). If something doesn't make sense or seems like a terrible idea let me know. I probably don't know any better and have been reading your posts. You inspire me quite often and some of you may see some of your previous ideas in my list.


Grey Knight Librarian: lvl 3 and the Domina Liber Demonica: 160 pts


Terminators: Full Squad w/ 2 Hammers, 4 Swords, 4 Halberds, and 2 Psycannons: 398 pts


Nemesis Dreadknight:  Heavy Incinerator and a Great sword 160 pts


Ordo Malleus Inquisitor: Terminator upgrade w/Hammer, Storm bolter, 2 Servo Skulls, and the Liber Heresius: 86 pts (Goes with Terminators)


Commissar Lord: 65 pts


PCS: 4 meltaguns: 70 pts (Goes with Vendetta)


Infantry squad: Autocannon and Sarg with meltabombs: 65 pts

Infantry squad: Autocannon and Sarg with meltabombs: 65 pts


Heavy Weapons squad: 3 Autocannons: 75 pts

Heavy Weapons squad: 3 Autocannons: 75 pts


Veterans: w/3 meltaguns: 90 pts (Goes with Valkyrie)


Valkyrie: w/ 2 multiple rocket pods: 135 pts


Vendetta: 170 pts


Leman Russ Eradicator: w/ Plasma Cannons: 150 pts


Wyvern: 65 pts


Avenger Strike Fighter: w/ 2 Hellfury missiles: 170 pts


Total: 1,999 pts

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The point of the CCS is to get access to reserve manipulation and the fact that servo skulls actually reduce scatter from templates so the MoO can actually hit something. I can also order the heavy weapons to do something in theory. The commissar is going to shoot people and if he domes my inquisitor due to forced execution from opponent I would throw him in the garbage. The Tank commander requires multiple russes to be used and I don't want that many. I read the book for the Primaris Psyker but I think he has been demoted to HQ aid. That basically leaves the CCS as my HQ as the Guard is the parent to the list and I need an HQ.


I will admit I need the Vets but I don't know what to do with them. I don't want another platoon and I am strapped for points to put them in a vehicle. I could use some advice there.


I like the basic russ because it can in theory kill a little bit of everything and reduced possible scatter is nice. What would you suggest?

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I think you're putting too much faith on the servo skulls.  Remember that if any enemy unit moves near them they just disappear.  


Summary execution on the commissar specifies that only Astra Militarum models may be executed.  For 30 pts more you get Commissar Yarrick who is superlative.  Not only do you retain orders, but he is fairly potent in melee.  I'd drop the Psykotrokes and Rads to make that happen.  Sure they are awesome, but I think Yarrick is better.  Acutally, just DROP that inquisitor anyway, he's not that useful IMO without the grenades.  


Use those points, then strip the vets of plasma guns and go to meltaguns and drop forward sentries and give them a Taurox.  

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Alright I see a lot of logic on this except the Leman Exterminator. I will have 10 autocannons already and I just think a little diversity would be a good idea. If I take out the CCS and the basic russ I lose two large templates. I never see anyone use the exterminator. It just doesn't strike fear in me but I will play with the points.

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With the current meta, having lots of autocannons is actually dope.  


Another option is to go with an eradicator with it's sexy S6 AP4 ignores cover large blast.  It's actually CHEAPER and you could then get plasma cannon sponsons.  So, now you're kicking out a bunch of high strength blasts.  Does that strike your fancy?  

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What would be better? 30 pts for the Plasma Cannons OR Rocket Pods on the Valk and Hellfury Missiles on the Avenger. Hellfury Missiles do Heavy 1 Blast w/ 5 Inch Template with ability of a bolter and No cover Saves (comes with 2).


If I drop another squad to get a wyvern I might as well drop Yarrick because he won't be commanding much. I could just get a normal Commisar Lord for cheap.


List has been updated!

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