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Escalation League, Week Four: October 26th. Fozzig's Fanciful Frustrating Fortress

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Points: 1200


Location: WoW


Time: 4 PM

Meeting Engagement.

Special: Place a large tower in the center of the table. At the end of each player's movement phase,  the tower moves. To determine the direction and distance, use the artillery and scatter dies. Multiple the distance result by three. Any unit is touched by the tower is teleported off the table and placed in reserve per the ambusher rules. This includes units in combat. If a hit result is rolled, the player's whose turn it is may control the direction of the tower. If a misfire is rolled the opposing player may control the direction of the tower. 

Objectives: Only units on the table at the end of the game count as scoring.

Game length: 6 Turns

Bonus Point Scoring:


5 Points for having the most units teleported.

1 Point for each friendly unit teleported.

1 Point for each opposing unit you deliberately teleport using a misfire or hit result.



*Play as many games as you like, but take your top two results for league points.

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