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Selling space marines


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Sold. Thank you


Hello all, collected a pretty good sized space marines army over the past 6 months or so. I've found myself without the time to finish this army So its been sitting in bins for a while. Now I find myself in need of some money so these need to go. most I bought new but some of the marines and terminators are from boxed sets



64-space marines. broken up into bolter/heavy/special weapons. enough make 6 quads with whatever loadout you want

20-devestators most are magnetized

15-Sternguard. 10 assembled with combi weapons, 5 still on sprue.

10-vanguard vets. Most with dual claws

15- assault marines. 10 assembled, 5 on sprue

27-terminators. 18 bolter, 4 auto cannons, 3 cyclone.

5-assault terminators

12-centurians still in box

10-scout troopers. 5 sniper still on sprue

1-command squad still in box

1-bike squad still in box

2-storm talons


1-predator/hunter. This is a hunter I added las cannon sponsons on and a pred turret. I think it looks cool with the added armor.

1-aegis defence line with quad cannon


1-custom made Garadon

1-chapter master

1-emporers champ


1-lord exicutioner


1-space marines codex

1-core rulebook


I roughly added this up and its about $2k+ worth of value. I'm looking for $1,400.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

You could make the lots yourself. You can break it up into 2-3 starter armies you will get a greater return. You aren't offering a bad percent off, but imthe discount doesn't even come close to what it should be for that size.


Also if you go to eBay consider the fact you are losing I think 14%, PayPal and eBay fees. Plus shipping that large of a lot has major costs and risks. That much plastic on top of each other will cause a lot of damage unless packed extremely well, which ups the cost of material and weight of shipping. I have done a lot of eBay and bartertown deals and many that are half that size and I didn't factor the cost of shipping well at all.


eBay at best is going to bet you 1100 after fees and shipping for that size lot. Break it up into lots of $700 retail and you will get close to the amount you want.


Just some advice, I don't mean to assume any lack of experience, just sharing my experience.

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Thank you everyone who PMed me and those who posted on my thread. This army has been sold. I did end up breaking it down to two smaller armies and sold it to two people who pmed me. Thankfully they each wanted largely separate things i had. I also managed to keep about 400 points worth. So once i get the time i can start a new collection.

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