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Pink Horrors and Miscast 8-9

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On the miscast table, a result of 8-9 says that all models able to generate power dice suffer a strength 6 hit.  So if my herald rolls a miscast, and then any of these results, will every single horror on the table suffer a strength 6 hit?  We didn't know what to do last night, so we played it this way.  I can't find anything in the faq that says otherwise, and I don't have my book on me to check anything any further.  


Daemon players, have you any experience with this?

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I'm pretty sure the horrors cast a spell just like a unit of warlocks or sisters of twilight.  You pick either the unit champion or a model to cast the spell.  So, if you get the 8-9 then only the model who cast the spell takes the hit for the unit and then if you had another unit of horrors only a single model would take the hit.

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