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h: necrons w: tyranids or orks


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I have a decent sized necrons army all in various stages of paint most have been painted to a 3 color standard although some haven't passed the primer stage all listed I have 9 immortals with gauss blasters 20 immortals with tesla carbines 30-40 warriors 10 nib. 5 night scythes 1 has no guns on it will provide sprues so you can decide what you want. 1 monolith 2 anhilliation barges 5 wraiths although theyre beat up badly I'm sure you can find a use for them. And I have a tesseract vault. He needs some serious work but I have the last pieces he needs to be fully built.


As stated in various stages of paint and some models have some damage or were just built badly by a player who wanted the big shiny new toy on the board and rushed the building process. It's about 3-4.5k of models. I would really like tyranids mainly harpies hive cones and as many small bugs as possible and if anyone will part with it a hierodule of either style, will be nice.

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Well I would also like harpies and hive crones. And I'd prefer to swap in person and if nobody will trade the army Will be sold for 400 and for an exTra 50 bucks the foam Will be added to the lot. I live in Vancouver Washington and would prefer to keep the trading or selling somewhere close no further than Longview please

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