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The fall of an Empire

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GW had a secret message again and hinted 3 heros and three cities will fall. My guess is not hard, Altdorf, Nuln and Middenheim. The Heros I believe will be Karl Franz, the Count of Middenheim and the Countess of Nuln.


This will break the Empire's back fulfilling all those twisted cries of Chaos players call for blood. Dead babies and women's heads on a spike.


In 9th there better be a reckoning from humanity on the foul Chaos. Your time is coming filth.


(This is all in humor, I love how the story is being setup for a great battle in the future. Much like Rocky II.)

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Given what I've read so far, I'm not certain this is possible.

Isnt Volkmar basically Nagash now? VOlkmar was consumed by the summoning, no? Or did I misread the ritual?


Yes and no. He is still in there, alive from what I hear. His conscious forced to watch. Of course that maybe just speculations. But there will be new Heros rising soon.
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Well it said "They will come across the Sea of Claws." which sounds like the Empire to me. The Empire is really the only one South of the Sea of Claws and the first City State is Middenheim. But Altdorf already has a book coming out called The Fall of Altdorf. So yeah.


Now as for the Heros it maybe the named characters from the army book that carry the Sword of Justice and the Sword of Vengeance. Luthor I doubt will bite it yet. He is the choosen prophet of Sigmar and still has not completed his destiny. (This has been hinted at in Novels and the Army Book.)


Volkmar will be prisoned through out the End Times and only be released when Nagash falls again, which is unlikely to happen for a hundred years or so.

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