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Securing models for painting


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SO, long story short, I have a whole mess of skeletons that I need to paint.  Now these guys are going on resin cast bases that frankly look a lot better than the actual skeleton model itself.  Thus, I want to paint the base separately from the model, and glue them together only at the end.  I've seen people adhere models to paint sticks and things before, but I've never done it.  How do you secure them?  Are they secure enough for painting, or is this an exercise in frustration?

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I  glue 28mm, 20mm, and 15mm figs to jumbo wood craft sticks from Michaels and use white elmers glue. Multiple figs to each stick for large number of figs that are similar. I then can use spray can primer or airbrush to prime no problem.


If I have just a squad/unit to paint a 2"x3" dowel (cut from a 2"x48" poplar dowel from Lowes) works and mount the figure with blu-tack like material. I used to use hot glue to glue fig to dowel but like blu-tack better.

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Am also interested in what others do.

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I usually drill a small hole in one of the feet/leg and glue in a small wire. That way I can put them on cork stoppers to hold and paint. However...if you are doing a whole mess of skeletons I would recommend finding the wall poster strips (usually looks like thick tape) and a paint stir stick. That way you can do multiple models on one stick. Or blue tack also works....

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