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H: OOP Dark Eldar and Limited Edition SM Captains W: Paypal


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I have put some more items on Ebay.


OOP DE models include:

6x Hellions (no flying bases) 
24x Wyches 
1x Lelith Hesperax


I originally purchased these back in 3rd edition. They are all assembled and horribly painted. They are all metal models though and can be easily stripped. That listing can be found here.


I also have both of the 2014 Web Exclusive Space Marine captains. That listing can be found here.I am willing consider offers for these.

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Constructive criticism: Take better pictures. I checked out both your eBay listings and it's the same blurry, poorly lit odd angles. Not trying to be rude, this is honestly just a friendly tip. They may be beautifully quirky models no longer in production or finely made Forge World pieces but I simply can't tell from the listings. Good luck! (Not a snarky "twirling mustache, petting hairless cat good luck)


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