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Ridden monsters dying to dangerous terrain?

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So last night my oldblood on carnosaur charged into a venom thicket. The charge was successful but he lost his last wound to dangerous terrain. Le sigh...


Anyway, the charge would not have been successful if using the now foot-slogging oldie's movement of 4. So what happens?


Is the charge still successful and the loyal dinosaur dies at the end of the move?


Is the charge failed? If so, how far does the oldblood move? The highest of the 3 dice the carnosaur rolled for swift stride?


Very weird case and we ended up just rolling off.


What think ye masters of war?

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It's still a successful charge because.  It's just like if a character charges out of a unit who has the banner of swiftness.  The character still adds the +1 to his charge distance.


Back to your specific example:


1) You made your charge roll for your character and the roll was successful


2) You moved your model through the venom thicket and the mount died


3) This doesn't change your charge roll and the charge is still successful because you already completed the charge with the initial charge roll.  This is a very rare case, I am imagining, but in either case you had swiftstride when the charge was made and the charge was successful.


4) The character is moved into base contact with the enemy and now has to deal with whatever they're fighting without the mount

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What Munkie neglected to mention, of course, is that it was totally awesome. Silly dinosaur. Woods are for elves.

Hmmm....yes....I must've forgotten to mention it... :{


Some day my carnosaur will actually bite something. And when that glorious day happens, it will most assuredly be bitten in twain!

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