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Age of Ultron Trailer


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I am not, by nature, a comic-book geek so I don't know the canon for the stories beyond the most popular characters (e.g. Spidey, Supes, Wonder Woman, etc.).  I know maybe 50% of their characters by name and for most "second-stringers" could not tell you whether they are Marvel or DC.


That said, I have *really* enjoyed the product that Marvel has been bringing to the big screen and of course Joss's work is just phenomenal.  The boy really knows how to write and direct for ensemble cast.  They've done well with their teasers in the past not giving away the story for those of us who don't know the comics and this trailer is no different.  Cinematography in what they're showing looks great, the effects look great...  Looking forward to next spring.


(Would not hurt my feelings if DC could take a lesson as well because I would love to see Batman vs. Supes try and step up to this level.)

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