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Saga event 25 Oct 2014 in Lacey, WA

Dylan Gould

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12:30-5:00 at Olympic Cards & Comics.


The Saga Smash series is a casual event; we have been running it the last Saturday of the month.  The default is a six-point warband with a one-point sideboard.  We normally have 8-10 players over the course of the day; if you want to come for only part of the event, no problem.

Loaners:  we bring a couple loaner forces if you want to jump in but don't have the figs.

Demo games:  if you want to learn to play, we keep somebody standing by to organize things and teach the basics of Saga.

Intro games:  if you want to play at lower point levels, or just get a batter grasp on the mechanics, no problem...just let us know that, and we will find you an appropriate opponent.

Snacks:  there are usually bagels and cookies hanging around for consumption, feel free to bring other stuffs.

Locale:  OCC has plenty of parking, and there are various restaurants and fast-food joints within a couple blocks.

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A sideboard means that you have your standard six point army, but you can bring an extra 1 point unit to swap out for something in your list depending your opponent or scenario. For instance say you have 3 points of warriors, 2 of hearthguard, and 1 of levy with a sideboard of another point of hearthguard. You look at the table and realize your levy are never gonna get a good shot in, you can swap them for the extra point of hearthguard before the game starts.

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