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My buddy and I started the Nexus Psi campaign last night (2 person Deadzone campaign where one player is trying to reclaim a planet from the Plague).


I played Plague and he took Enforcers.


Tons of fun. It has strategic locations with bonuses and all sorts of cool bits for the winning/losing individual missions.


Highly recommend it.

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I went on a terrain building rampage this week.


Pics of my 'standard terrain' using the starter box 'Core Worlds' battlezones and a 'Ruined' battlezone:




Everything all on the table



On the right is my landing pad and a two level bunker with removable roof (usable for either normal games or specialty scenarios in Nexus Psi).

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So, my buddy and I have been playing the Nexus Psi campaign and it has been great!


He's playing Enforcers and I'm playing Plague. Although the plague start with the upper hand (controlling the strategic objectives and hence getting all the advantages), he has really pushed me. Our last game was the do or die moment for him (if he didn't take a SO, he would be out of the campaign), but he did it and now I'm really on the defensive (starting to run out of living bodies to throw at him). 


I highly recommend Deadzone to anyone who's looking for a good, affordable skirmish game. If anyone's interested in trying it out, let me know. I have all the factions and a ton of terrain and could give demo games.

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