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Privateer Press hockey jersey


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Hey guys. I'm not a Warmachine player so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I have a Privateer Press hockey jersey. Skull and crossbones on the front and STAROSCIK 86 on the back. What's the deal? Did they sponsor a team? Promotional shirt? It's a real hockey jersey so I didn't think it's something like a branded T-shirt, most branded "jerseys" are just regular shirts cut in the form of a jersey. I bought it like 10 years ago in a thrift store. I didn't play miniatures back then and didn't even know who Privateer Press were. I prefer a hockey jersey to the standard motocross jersey because they're usually better made and don't shred when you lay your bike down. I only bought this one because it's got a skull on the front but now I'm curious. Soooo, anyone know what's up?

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They didn't make those 10 years ago paxmiles

Agree, but it does show that privateer has interest in making jerseys, despite not producing any sports or sports related. Some similar companies never make jerseys, they just do t-shirts or hoodies.

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Man, I gotta say...Privateer Press customer support kicks ass. I may try the game just because I was so impressed.

Hi Dale,


What you have is the original Privateer Press convention uniform.  When attending trade shows that jersey was what those working would wear.


The only team sport Privateer crew participated in was a Dodgeball league but we just used tshirts for that one.








Privateer Press Customer Service


(425) 643-5900

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