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Thoughts on this unit

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Was looking at various lizardmen unit options, especially how to spend the core points.  What do people think of this unit:  


11 skink cohorts, 1 kroxigor, standard.


This unit ranks 5x3 with a banner, and has poisoned shooting attacks.  The kroxigor gives the unit 8 Str 3 and 3 Str 7 attacks, plus Ld7.  The whole thing clocks in at 117pts.  For 137 I can give the skinks poison in hand to hand, as well as range. 

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For 117pts... Id be all over it. Being cold blooded, M6, and double threat, its brilliant. Id go full command just for the musician for combat reforms and a champ to absorb a challenge to hold up a solo/flying character for a turn. 


Keep poison off in HTH and just shoot and stand and shoot, you dont ever really need to charge with the unit if you can maneuver to block or get into a flanking position to set up another unit charging. Solid chaff elimination unit. 

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