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Thruster smoke effects from 40K OFCC (or others)?


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Hi there, I did some of those drop pod stands you're talking about.  It was pretty simple.


Basically it was just a wood dowel rod angled into the support base, with water and glue soaked cotton (I use the kind of stretchy cotton you find in upholstery batting or fake cobwebs) wrapped around the interior core.  Fluffed that out a little bit, but kept it pretty close to the dowel.  


Then I hit that cotton with a heavy coat of very bright orange from the airbrush, let it dry and wrapped it with a second layer of cotton, glued only at the top to keep it on there, and wound and fluffed it around the interior orange, fanned it out a lot.  Then I sprayed the outer coat with the ususal grey and black rattle-can spray paints.  That lighter, fluffier cotton caught the paint and didn't let it through to the interior color, which showed through nicely.  No interior lighting needed, though I've done plenty of those tea light smoke markers as well.


Finally, a little brown airbrushing where the dust blew up at the bottom edge of the cloud to match the basing color on the stand and it was done.  We had to drill a hole in the bottom of Jason's gorgeous drop pods, which made me a little nervous, but it all came together!

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