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Escalation League, Week Five: November 2nd. Beat Down of Blood

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Points: 1250


Location: WoW


Time: 4 PM



Set Up: This is a team game. Forces of Destruction will team up with other Forces of Destruction. Forces of Order will team up with other forces of order. Teammates will start in opposing 12" deep by 24 " wide deployment zones.


1. Teammates share power and dispel dice. 

2. Each Player's General and BSB only help his side.

3.  Your teammate's friendly units can cause panic tests.

4. Your teammates combat resolution counts towards the overall combat resolution if you are both involved in a single combat. 




Each player will be issued three special battle cards. They can be used used at the start of any phase.

Game length: 6 Turns

Bonus Point Scoring:


This game is about blood shed and death.  For every 100 victory points you and your teammate score from your opponent, you each receive 1 league point.  Score 2000 points and receive 20 League Points each!


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I am imagining Daemons of Chaos teaming up with Beasts or Warriors of Chaos. Orcs and Goblins can fight with Chaos or Ogres. Vampires Counts could team up with Tomb Kings. Empire could pair up with Dwarfs, Brets, or High Elves. Wood Elves could side with High Elves, Dark Elves or Bretonnians.   Etc….

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rats i doubt i can make it.  my parents are in town this weekend and i have two exams next week. now this is a scnerio id enjoy though.  team games are blasts..

But that's perfect. Your parents can stay at your house and highlight your text books and make flash cards while you come out to game. It will be just like when you were a kid, they would love it..... Cough. :smile:


Oh for Sigmar's sake go have fun with your parents.We can do a team game some other time. And maybe even some of the awsome scenarios out of the ET books.

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