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Militarum Tempestus + Knights = viable 40K army?

Brother Glacius

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Can these guys be a stand alone army? Army Builder was kicking all sorts of red lines at me when I was playing around with it. Could I take the following:



Scion command

5 man squad + valk

5 man squad + taurox

5 man squad + taurox

10 man squad


is that legal? I'd assume, with options, this would come out to around 850-1000pts?

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I like the guard and think it would be cool to have such a stylized force. I do think the taurox are kind of ugly though, but maybe I just need to see one in person. I can't say I have seen anyone use them tempestus stuff.

The taurox kit is wonderful. Full interior details with lots of options. A great kit for players that enjoy conversion or painting. It was a real treat to put together and paint.


As for wheels, I just have a single tuarox and I did put wheels on the front, treads on the back. Looks very good. I do think that if trying to match an IG army, the treads fit better with russes and chimeras for matching paint schemes. Adding wheels to the design is effortless, given how the kit is designed.


For in-game value, I think the Taurox Prime is horribly overpriced and it's weapons lacking, at least for the militarium tempestus. The issue is that the transported unit already has a DS transporting option, this combines with it not being very durable, and the towed unit (scions) being very expensive. As for weapons, it does have some nifty weapons, but you really pay for them. The "battle cannon" is just a blast auto cannon, so in addition to not being able to take advantage of BS4, you can't shoot flyers or snap with them. It can take a hull TL autocannon, but it's mounted position will make firing over terrain and other tanks a bit challenging. The cyclone and other weapons are certainly nice, but most of the time, I'd much rather have a razorback with las/plas - it's not like fielding really large squads of militarium tempestus is really a great plan.

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