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Why you should play Netrunner


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You should play Android: Netrunner....no seriously - you should play netrunner

We all should.

Its extremely fun.

It is relatively cheap.

It scales to tournament play.

It has an international following.

You can (if you're lucky, she already plays Dominion and you're holding that antenna foil just right) convince your spouse to play this.

It has near unlimited re playability (almost on par with MtG if not surpassing it in a strange fixed release way)


I just bought all this damn Netrunner stuff so...... Who's coming with me?!?


/promptly jumps headfirst down rabbit hole

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Having played a couple of games of netrunner I will say it plays kinda like Magic, which makes sense since it was made by Richard Garfield. If you like magic or card games you will like this game. If you dont like magic, you might not like this game. I dont like magic and thus didnt really like the game. I will admit that the game is very intricate and has a lot of strategy and depth.  

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