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Adding filler to casting resin?


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I've read mixed reviews about adding "filler" to resin during casting to stretch the bottles lifespans. Talc seems to be the most popular, followed by corn starch. Anyone tried it? Getting 50% more volume would be sweet but I've never tried out personally. Maybe I'll give it a whack tonight and do a write up. Anyone tried this?

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Not a bad idea Scott, I hadn't considered that. I'm working on grav rhinos based on the old second ed "roller skate pattern Rhino". I'll be looking at making about 10 so anything I can do to cut down on the amount of resin used will really help. I'm thinking about doing the sides as one piece and the hull in plates so it'll be hollow as well.

Maybe a thinner skin of regular resin to preserve the details and a thicker layer with thickening poured over that after it dries for some strength. Think I'll have a problem with it de-laminating?

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I've used microspheres and they're pretty neat. Since they are (little tiny) spheres, they roll off of one another well and make for a nice, fluid filler. That is, it thickens things up, but still flows well. I am planning on using some plaster mixed in with resin for some larger ruins without as much surface detail, but my concern is always the thickening that comes with any filler. Some good reading on fillers: http://davidneat.wordpress.com/materials/casting/common-fillers-for-resin-casting/


If you want great surface detail on a big piece, you can always slush cast with resin, and then back-fill it with an expanding foam (which is cheap, but requires you to build a solid master mold. There's a great terranscapes video on the process (where he shows how he did it to a cathedral), but I can't seem to find it now.

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