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Averland War Alter


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whelp I thought I would show you guys what ive been working on for the last month. I have been preparing for a local fantasy tournament in Bellingham and I wanted to add some stuff to my empire army to change it up from my Ofcc empire. Last night I finally finished my new war alter. The arch lector is on the painting table and will hopefully be finished later this week. 


I wanted to continue the theme of vampire hunters into the waralter. The concept is that vampires are being put into the gibbet and then exercised powering the banishment spell. The waralter itself was built from the remnants of a destroyed Sigmar church in the north of Averland.









close up of a recently banished vampire


the executioner ogre bringing another vampire in a coffin to the gibbet


the cherub 


and finally a close up of the book 



The arch lector will stand behind the dwarf holding the book.


C&C welcome as always.

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Thanks for the comments guys, its always appreciated.


And the Archlector is done. I went for a different look with this guy. I wanted to maintain the witch/vampire hunter theme and I wanted an excuse to order the avatars of war witch hound.







The pictures dont do him justice, the reds and gold are much more vibrant in real life. Ill take some pictures of him on the war alter in a couple of days since my army is in the display case at my local shop.


C&C welcome as always.
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hey guys, I'm pretty sure ill be attending OFCC 9th age this year so here is what ive been working on to get ready. I will be taking my Empire army since my greenskins need a bunch of work to be finished. Fortunately my empire army is pretty complete and I only need to build and paint a couple of unit fillers for my flagellants. 


the first up is the burning of a heretic by a zealous witchhunter




next up is a witch hunter using a flagellant to find potential heretics. I got the idea for this from the first season of Salem on Netflix. At one point the local witch hunter uses a girl who had been possessed by witches to find other witches in the town.




and last is the flagellant doom crier on his trusty steed. 




Hopefully I can get these guys painted up pretty quickly and get back to working on finishing my Greenskins and Saga.

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and painted 








Ive started on some Greenskin units and when ive got those done I will switch to Vampires. Im been collecting vampire models for at least 6 years and have never gotten around to doing anything with them. I want to paint them as though its night time, so lots of grays and OSL.
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