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I'm a cheap bastard: army bag

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Read about this somewhere.  I wanted another army bag, but I'm cheap.  Soft sided cooler bags.  I found this one at Walmart for $18.  It has a removable hard "can' inside to protect the foam.  The top is expandable and the lid compartment will take my gaming kit. Pockets in the front and sides.  Plus it's not stock black.  After much research I found that this particular bag works great with Sabol Designs pluck foam trays. Not too big.  I've stacked 2 3" trays and a 2" tray inside.  5" of stacking space left.  It's not  perfect fit, there is about 1/2' of space around the tray.  I really don't care.  This type of bag may replace my huge bag.


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