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BF fow points totals for 2014-2015 season


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It depends on the tournament and who is running it. 

For ones that are held at Guardian Games that I organize, I prefer painted armies but if it means one doesn't play I'd rather have the person at the tournament and playing than not.  Without a painted army, the person isn't in the running for best painted and it also hurts the illusion of "being there" for the opponent.  It used to hurt the overall general award but now we do a best axis and best allied general and paint score is not part of that award. Painting is a separate award and score.  Proper sized bases are required regardless.

For convention tournaments like Enfilade in Olympia, WA, painted armies are required.


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I just looked at Remagen and the Jadgtiger list. Hmm 5 of the beasts with some points to spare.  But then I thought, what could Soviets bring for 1900pts after seeing how many stands lazarus had for the mid-war tourney last week.


One list not even trying to maximise stands.

Soviet Infantry Red Army Rifle Battalion from Red Bear (revised)
2 45mm obr 1942 gun
6 82-BM-41 mortar
4 Cmd Rifle team
3 Cmd Rifle/MG team
2 Horse-drawn limber
4 Komissar team
8 Maksim HMG team
1 Observer Rifle team
5 Pioneer Rifle team
1 Pioneer Supply Horse-drawn wagon
4 PTRD anti-tank rifle
42 Rifle/MG team
21 SMG team
3 SU-152

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Upgrading my US tank company from 1650 to 1900 is a matter of adding 5x veteran stuarts. Or. Upgrading a Desperate Measures Heavy tank company would mean adding 1x King Tiger.


It seems like 1900 is a crap ton of points but it's more like adding just 1 more platoon. Though Heavy Tank companies always do better in the higher point ranges due to getting more support to keep the heavies alive.

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