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Sisters of the Bottle. Paint tester


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Trying to get pics to load from the phone because my Mac's dead;(

Tester for my high-tech, punk rock, counts-as Sisters of Battle. Any suggestions for good female heads would be appreciated. Hasselfree has some without hair so I could try sculpting long pony tails, Mohawks, weird braids, stuff like that. Been considering looking into elves and filling down ears too.


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I can definitely see what you were talking about with drawing inspiration from the Escher gangers.


The Eldar and Dark Eldar lines have heads you might want to look into as well. And actually, there are even a couple of Space Wolf heads that are beardless and slender enough that in the right context, I think they'd work as female heads.

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Thanks for the feedback! The plan is one or two different patterns on two or three different panels for each girl. For example: this girl has traditional leopard spots and pink/blue tiger stripes. Next one could have green/purple leopard spots and flames. Red diamonds and zebra stripes etc...Basically, I want the plain white armor to tie the whole army into a unified look with unique individual models.

Oh, I forgot the best part! Riot shields! They all have riot shields. Straps on the bolt pistol forearm, gives me a good flat space for the grafitti style crown.I'll be using as their logo and supplies a solid explination for the 6+ invuln they all get.

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