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orks orks orks and games of 40k


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Hello all,

Sorry to drop off the face of the planet. Summer is over and I have found my feet in school.
So I will be there this Tuesday for 40k if anyone is interested. I have been following the thread about pickup games i will bring my iron hands.


Also looking to pick up Orks if anyone has boyz, nobz, or bits for sale let me known Tuesday.

My awesome wife just gave me the ork Codex for my birth day. Looking to convert boyz and nobs into all the bosses and elites.


See you all tuesday


TW Haines

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I would love to see your army. Also to think about buying some stuff.

My goal is to make a speed freak army with none gw hot rods.

Convert all my models, so Nobs to warboss or maga nobs and boys to lootas.

This will be a work of love, as I enjoy converting as much or more than the game.

Fun with paint and plastacard, all that jazz

See you all on tuesday

TW Haines

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Hello there and welcome back!


If you ever wanna just test-drive orks and thus not have to dump money to see if certain units / mobs / whatnot work out, let me know if you wanna borrow any of the models I have up on my shelf.  Due to work and life I don't game very much but have loaned out models for others to test drive in order to help them out.


Just let me know, happy to help!


Stay safe,



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