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Slamwich Skaven, Black Hunger, 2500

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So with the Slamwich coming up and lists due tomorrow, Ive paid my way and turned in my list. 


With a high comp score and in game bonuses, Im going to force my opponent to come to me, I feel like this list is certainly capable of being consistent in a Swedish Comp environment. 


This is similar to many Skaven lists Ive played in the past minus the Grey Seer. This is an attempt to go back to my 7th edition ways where I typically spent less than 500 points on characters and just lead from the rear. As that is not so much an option anymore with the new book Id gone a different direction and brought the Seer all throughout 8th edition.


Swedish Comp is now the norm and the hit you take from a Seer is enough for me to seek a simplified magic phase brought from a couple of engineers. Im looking forward to streamlining my magic phase back to magic missiles and target elimination while mopping up remaining wounds in the shooting phase. Hopefully between 2 Level 2s I can roll up Scorch and then have 2 Warp lightings and the fireball ring, its possible to have all 4 go off in a phase. It's awfully typical and hard to defend against if my dice cooperate.


I certainly lack in close combat, but by being careful where I put my abom and ratogre/general I will have at least a few lanes locked down. And, with the direct magic and shooting Ill have the more serious threats at (hopefully) manageable levels. Slaves for tar-pitting and clanrats for some shotty mop up, hopefully I can compete. 


Let me know what you all think. 



-7 Dispel Scroll

-3 Warp Energy Condenser



(-9) Warlord, Shield, Bone-breaker, Blade of Corruption, Warpstone armor, Dawnstone



(-12) Chieftan, BsB, Charmed Shield

(-23) Warlock Engineer, Pistol, Doomrocket, Warp Energy Condenser 

(-8) Warlock Engineer, Pistol, Dispel Scroll, Ruby Ring



(-6) 30 Clanrats, Shields, Full Command, Warp-fire thrower

(-5) 30 Clanrats, Shields, Full Command, Ratling Gun

(-5) 30 Clanrats, Shields, Full Command, Ratling Gun

(-7) 40 Slaves

(-7) 40 Slaves

(-2) 10 Giant Rat Pack, (1) Pack Master, (9) Giant rats



(-5) 10 Jezzails, Sharp-shooter

(-11) 8 Gutter Runners, Poisoned attacks, Slings

(-9) 11 Rat Ogre Pack, (4) Pack Masters, (7) Rat Ogres w/ Champion



(-38) Hell-pit Abomination, Warpstone Spikes

(-20) Warp-lightning Cannon 


Total: 2500 Points/ Swedish Comp: 11.9=>12

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@ Iraf, Good call. 


My experience with my Chaos and all the single MC characters I took in infantry based lists, I had no ward saves then, and honestly didnt suffer all that much. Except that money shot you had @ the OFCC Open against my BSB, that was awesome. 


It is terribly possible the Warlord will be on his own and hiding behind stuff if I see a lot of shooting across from me. 

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You mentioned having a high comp score hoping to force your opponents to you. 12 doesn't seem that high for that tactic. I comped out at 16 and o know of a few other lists around that mark.


I'd recommend a plan B just in case. I think the field will be evenly distributed and your first matchup will be by comp score. Relying on differential points does not seem like much of a plan. I may have read what you said way off base but wanted to mention that bit.



BTW my list is heavily themed so not representative of the whole field.

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