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Snark? Too late for that, son. Listen up, I don't give a rusty fk what you do with your life but when you try to walk in my boots you're just making assumptions, bud.


Let me tell you something: When you have a serious job, wife, and kid(s) to juggle, you don't have time to make three dang 40k lists on the off chance that there's going to always be a match-up available - and that's where you're logic train breaks down: you're not allowing for the possibility that people will be left without games because you are, after all, pretty much proposing taking the order out of a working system to induce some kind of, what, Keynesian chaos balance?. If I strike out on a game night it's cost me a total of 50 minutes of driving to and from plus time twiddling my thumbs and the fact that I've now fk'd off time that could have been spent productively having fun if ....waaaait for it...only I had planned. Like you know...made a date on some kind of forum where everyone hangs out and talks about local gaming at one particular store, but hey steering away from Crazy Town, lets move on. Oh wait...let's just don't. I'm distributing Zero Fks this quarter.


And not that it matters but I never disputed the fact that 40k was being played there. You must have me confused with some other troll. I like you as a person, Kevin, but I'm not buyin' what you're sellin'.

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