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Hey Kevin!


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Hey Kevin,


Let's play X-Wing.


Scheduled or not, I don't care.


My inbox this morning would seem to indicate by its contents that some people are incapable of distinguishing between rancor and pure dislike or hatred. I like you Kevin, Maybe not Like Like you but that will probably save your life in the end because my wife is jealous as hell and gave up a promising career as a sniper to immigrate.


My point - Just because Kevin annoyed me and I responded, this does not mean anything more than the fact that I have chosen to exercise my 1st amendment right. That is it. "Grumble grumble, Constitution, 'Murica, Constitution"


Now as much as I mercilessly mock Kacy about the game of X-Wing, (I make up for it by treating his liver like a scotch foi gras experiment) I do like the game itself and would enjoy playing with you, Kevin. Obviously not on a Tuesday unless we happen to bump into each other looking for a game but perhaps we could schedule a game for a different day. Looser buys the Red Bull?


Kev - Now, If you're truly as butt-hurt as people seem to think you'll be over my comments then feel free to wait a week - I'll still be wanting a game. I doubt this is the case.


People: These are games. Please tell me we don't need to have Don chime in with a lesson in what real life looks like in the 'Ham right now; not to mention the world at large. Example: I just pulled my niece out of a fking Civil War. We have family who have lost pretty much everything they had and worked for in their lifetime to the occupying Russian forces in Crimea. Let's all revel in our relatively comfortable, first-world, cushy gaming existence, eh?


Full Disclosure: Please do not confuse this with a retraction or an amelioration. It is neither. I mean every word I've said - in this post and the previous ones as well. I stand by my opinion and my right to express it.


That is all.

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