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Who wants to show a newb the ropes?


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Hey yall.  I finally got an small army together and need to get some games under my belt.  I've been reading up on the rules and think I have a decent grasp of them and it's time to put all this reading and modeling to work.  I'm looking for someone to play against as I havnt played a game of 40k in over 10 years.  I'm free today(sunday) through tuesday.  I can meet at any game store in portland or wow.  So far I have two army lists put together one is 500pts and the other is 750 pts.  Hopefully by the end of the month I'll have over 1500pt built and painted.  Hit me up if you have free time to play.


Dave Mooney

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Welcome back Dave :) 7th is a good addition, you'll enjoy it.


Busy time of year for everybody as far as extra caricular activities, but should be able to get someone to bite :)


Wednesdays at guardian games is league night, and to my knowledge wow still gathers Tuesday evenings. You might try the game night link and see if there is a post for an evening you're interested in, and if one doesn't exist you could make 1 :)


Good luck!


Ps. What army do you play?

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