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W: Bretonnians


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Hey Ordo,


I have just bought a Bret army and although it has a lot of core it seems to be missing just about everything else. I was wondering if anyone was willing to offer some flavor to this bland army. The only core I am open to would be oop squires on foot and perhaps some old errant knights. I need pretty much anything interesting you may have.

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I got my Brettonians out.  I am having a hard time distinguishin which KNights are which since I essentially stopped playing after the last Fantasy Ard Boyz a few years ago (8th Edition List Construction is just...).  I have my list from back then and went by that plus the stuff that I had unpainted sitting in a corner there.

Anywho, After looking at this stuff, I am not so sure I have a lot of Excess, so it may make the most sense to sell it all at once.  I guess we'll see what people say. 

Here's my best effort at what I own in total.  Keep in mind I could be a little off.

3 Field Trebuchets (1 old skool, 1 newer skool and one War of the Ring which is uber awesome)

5 Grail KNights (I think I actually have 10, but I need to look up the Helmets and such and see whats what.  I have some that I think are the old skool Grail KNights in which case its 10)

Grail Reliquae and 16 Battle Pilgrims

3 Pegasus Knights

5 Questing Knights

10 mounted Yeoman

25 KNights of the Realm

5 Knights Errant

40 Peasant Bowman (I may have to track down a couple but there were 40)

30 Men at Arms.

20 more men at arms (more recent models)

Damsel of the Lady on Horse (Fay enchantress?  I don’t remember if the Fey enchantress is on a horse..)

2 Paladins (WAY WAY awesome paint, one is a Battle Standard Bearer.  Again.  Way awesome pro painted)

Lord (COOOOOL paint job)

The Green Knight (also cool paint)

2 Damsel of the Lady on foot.

Red Dragon (From War of the Ring, used for when the Damsel turns into a Dragon, $60 model on its own if I recall and really awesome and HEAVY


The Paint on the central parts of my force is EXCELLENT.  I traded painting services my old SCA armor on the Knights I was using in my force.  It was a very good trade.  IN particular the characters are just stupid nice.  But the 5 man Knightly units are also very cool and would be unliklely to need any painting.


As some know, my cornae transplant has helped my painting immensely but that was a recent event and so the army, though many parts of it are very well painted, the stuff I did myself is average at best.  Some of it is primed brown and ready to go.  I chose brown because I figured the horses were brown and I'd be matte finishing them when I was done anyways.  Save some time.


So theres the raw data. 

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hey okay so I got your messages.  I will work on getting some pics up.  That'll take more time obviously since they are in a state of chaos but I'll try and get it done in the next couple days.


Looks like the two of you want different things so that could work out.  Trade or cash is what im looking for.  I prefer trade since I lose a lot less that way.  We'll see if there's a deal to be made or not!  But im glad you're not overlapping too badly.  =)

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YES.  The Dragon is extremely cool.  Here's my wish list I PM'd to Prophesy and such.  May as well just post it here eh?


Sniper Drone units


Culexus Assassin


Ork Big Gunnz (Zzap Gunz especially)


Ork Trukk




20 Gretchen


Death Strike Missile Launcher


10 Rough Riders




Warlocks on Jetbikes


Pathfinder Drones (the three special ones) and Pathfinders w Rail Raifles.  So basically a box of Pathfinders.


Cadre Fireblade


Tau Crisis Team Weapons bitz


Pair of old school Talos


Scourges w/ Haywire Blasters

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