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Escalation League Week 6, November 9th: Hero Hammer

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Points: 1300


Location: WoW


Time: 4 PM



Special Rules:


Players are allowed to take as many points in Lord and Hero slots as they like. There is no minimum 25 percent core.



Each player will be issued three special battle cards. They can be used used at the start of any phase.


Game length: 6 Turns


Bonus Point Scoring:


Each opposing hero killed is worth 2 points.

Each opposing lord killed is worth 5 points.


Each Hero or Lord Character, painted for this week, is worth double points.

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I made up a quick list consisting of a vamp lord on zombie dragon, and a tomb king on a war sphinx. And 5 direwolves. Am I gonna get gut punched?


I'll high-five you if I make it this Sunday! As for how effective it is, who knows. If the vamp lord can summon zombies to heal himself and get in teh way so he can't get ganged up on, it may go pretty well.

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You can only flame once and why wouldn't you have a character with 2+ wards agaisnt flame attacks?


Also, I want to take this time to apologize to all of you in advance.  I am not going to proxy 5 Ogre characters (that will just get out of control for me and my opponents).  This means I will be bringing dark elves.  Yup, I'm a cheater and douche waffle!  However, the dark elves are coming out for hero hammer. 


Prepare for the cold one onslaught!

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I'm pretty sure they use the highest I on the model. So 7 or 8 for the vampire and 4 or so for the tomb king.

If the unit is required to take a characteristic test then the highest value is used.  An example of this would be the Net of Amyntok.


If every model is required to take a characteristic test then each model uses it own value.  Two examples of this would be Pit of Shades and Dwellers below.


So no, the dragon doesn't use the vampires Initiative value for the pit of shades specific example.

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