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Shadows over Brimstone


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Arrived in the mail today! Finally!


I just got the 2 core boxes as I could not bring myself to invest $450 in a game I'd never played for the mine cart level.(But I still get a giant pile of extra goodies). I have not gotten very far in the rules but so far they look good. I have also started assembling some miniatures and while they are pretty good quality they joints will need a ton of greenstuff if you want to make them look good. I have no delusions about ever getting around to painting them... so after some basic clean up I am gluing them. I must say I have become custom to not having to build my board game pieces and having to do so is a step in the wrong direction.


Anyone else get their copy lately? Anyone else get a copy?

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Got in our first game last night. I like it! We just played the intro scenario but it was enough to get a good feel. We entered a total of 5 rooms and had 2 large (and a couple small) combats. We messed up a few rules though out the game but I think we did pretty well for a first go. Going to town after the game seems a bit cumbersome though. Anyway, I am hoping to try a regular scenario in the next week or so and see how a larger game plays.


Also, this game really needs character sheets and some type of currency and experience counters.

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