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X-Wing Teams 4 Tots - Nov 22nd at Dice Age Games

Jim Emerick

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Saturday, November 22nd at Dice Age Games

Doors open at 12 noon, Event begins at 1:30pm.

Entry Fee: $20 worth of new, unwrapped toys for Toys 4 Tots.

The rules:

This is a Team Event. Each team is two players. One player brings an Imperial List, one player brings a Rebel list.

Each round you will be paired against another team. The Imperial player will play the Rebel player from the other team, and vice versa - therefore all games will be Imperial vs Rebel.

Each player will bring a squadron of not more than 150 points.

Each round will be 90 minutes.

Rd 1: 1:30-3pm
Rd 2: 3:15-4:45pm
Rd 3: 5-6:30pm

Prizes given out at 6:45pm.

7-11pm - Open & Epic Play.

Casual level rules will be used.

Rebel Aces and Wave 5 will be legal. On the outside chance that any S&V ships have already official released at that point, they will be legal as well.

Prizes from the Winter Tournament Kit and previous game night kits. Possible additional prizes as well!

Come have a good time for a good cause!

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Play surface is standard 3x3.


Just to be clear, each round each team will be playing two separate games of 150 points per side, on two different tables. The games themselves are not "team games". The team format is to assure that there are no mirror-matches.


I doubt that there will be a space issue, but I would like to know who is coming ahead of time when possible. There's an event page set up for it under the X-Wing Pilots of Portland FB page and you can also call Dice Age to sign up.


The FB group is also helpful for people seeking a teammate.



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Small update!


Anyone attending, make sure to bring a receipt for the toys for your entry fee. The $20 toy(s) is the entry fee AND gets you two raffle tickets. Every $10 of donation above the initial $20 gets another raffle ticket.


Raffle prizes are a Tantive IV and an Alternate Art Darth Vader card from the World Championships.

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