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Escalation league interest?


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I haven't been playing enough 40k, and that needs to change. And it seems that Tuesday games nights have been a bit dead, especially compared to Sunday fantasy night. So maybe we need something to reignite things. What would the interest be in a 40k escalation league?

What if we started playing 40k on sundays....

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as for playing 40k on sundays - they usually run pretty deep on the fantasy side and i would not want to take table space away from that group. they might bite.

Well, could start an unofficial GG league on Sunday.


For me, I can't do tuesdays. Sunday is mostly free, though I often catch up on sleep.


Though, in this case, I was mostly trolling by suggesting sunday... :biggrin: I would like sunday, but the suggestion would only really work if the fantasy players didn't show.

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It's not a huge deal for me. I've been lax on my 40k lately. Been enjoying a local pathfinder group. Good fun.


Anyway, Sunday is a moot point, as the Fantasy guys meet then. Shouldn't make them choose, as we want to maintain the option that they'll see the good that is 40k.


Sundays are utterly impossible for me. Sorry. Sundays and Wed night are dedicated to church.

Lately, been dedicating all days to god, but no days to church. Not sure if this is right path, but it's the path I'm walking of late.

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Yes, I'm thinking starting after the first of the year, and going from 1000 - 1800 over the course of the league.  As much as I'd love it to be on the weekend, we'll probably have to stick with the regular Tuesday game nights.  The three round tournament would be on a Saturday.

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