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W: Scout... bikers!


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And no, that has never been requested before.


I have never once seen this unit on the table, but is anyone bought them as a joke, or had their well meaning aunt gift them to you, or any strange situation arose that led to you having scout bikers, rejoice!


For I want to take them off your hands! I want to paint them, then send them to a ranch in the countryside where they will have room to ride.


I have money. Could trade. Wolves, darkvengence stuff, etc. Or you could send me cash, just to get them out of your garbage can.



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I don't have the full kits per se, but I do have a bag of metal Scout Biker bodies that fit the normal Space Marine Bike. The older edition ones. And I think I have a few grenade launchers in bits as well. If you can scrounge up the bikes, which are easier to come by IMHO, you would have all you need. Lemme know if you have interest.


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