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Harlequin Army - DE / CE -/ unbound?


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OK - I finally picked up the Dark Eldar book yesterday - and started thumbing through it.  I am hoping to start work on rebuilding my Harlequin Troupe… and it seems that 7th has given me lots of options.  I am hoping for some insight from the vast majority of "better gamers" than I out there - for direction.  I do not want to "counts-as" then entire army - this just seems silly to me and will not work.  I am thinking about Harlequin Wraithlord conversions to be a DE Cronos… possibly… but I don't know if that is much worse than just having the wraith lords being wraith lords.   I am thinking mostly CE force with a DE detachment currently.  But I could go entirely unbound as well.


I want to put in some of the "cool" things I have modeled or converted - but otherwise I am open.  Those things are a squad of converted harlequin jet bikers with lances as shining spears.  And a bunch of converted hellions (all blank faced and lead by a harlequin troupe master on sky board)… I want to use both of those units.  I have a ton of harlequin jet bikers (20+)… I would use them as either CE jet bikes or reaver jet bikes?  I have 2 sets of the old metal harlequins - every model made.  I have 3-4 units of the newer harlequins as well.  I want to have a "great harlequin" as my troupe leader… maybe an archon? or a phoenix lord?  At least one WWP for fluffy reasons - but I could see use of more.  Venoms?  maybe.


Ok - I will work on some lists - but the idea here is I want a traditional… 1990's harlequin army… not a CE or DE army counting as a harlequin army.


If I go unbound things are fairly obvious… I can take whatever.  But I would like to have a force that is "tourney legal" as well… so either a CE or DE combined force army.  Looking for the best options - for a semi-competitive-ish army.





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first question/ concern… is it preferable to try and build a list as a combined force org.  OR just go with unbound?  I would like to play the army at OFCC and limited tourney events… understanding that it is not an optimal list for competitive events.  This army - is more of a show piece --- with display board themed as well as paint scheme.  The goal is for a cohesive and fluffy Harlequin Troupe.  Any thoughts?  I am playing with some army list builds - I'll post up ideas hopefully in a few days :)



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Not entirely sure what your looking for, as I'm not really sure what a 1990s harly army would look like. I suppose, you should start with an inventory from each codex, as to which units just don't fit your theme. List the ones that might fit and we can try to give suggestions on how to make those viable in combination. Don't worry about the bound/unbound issue right now, just figure out what units are acceptable to represent your theme.

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