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angry birds epic


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Well done!


Yeah, I see there's a new event coming up based on the ninja pigs.  That should be intersting.  I hate the "dodge" special rule with a seething passion, but it should be entertaining none-the-less.  I do like being able to bring 3 of my own Birds instead of relying on someone else's.  

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If you are going to take on the ninja level, hardest level for this event. Bring yellow with his high chance to dispel. I lost a round when the samurai buffed all the pigs and they killed me in one round

I prefer the blues with their trickster set.  I have them with the robot set gear (which you seem to have just gotten).  Even though the ninjas dodge, it still dispells it.  Also, the robot set still damages pigs with dodge when it procs.  Pretty cool.  

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