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H: High elves Battalion box unbuilt and Skorne army W: Tyranids or $$


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Hey guys my main goal is to get into Tyranids but are willing to sell at 50% off msrp for the skorne and 30% off msrp on the High elf box. 

this is what i have for Skorne:



Archdomina  Makeda- Primed  

Makeda and the exalted court- Primed 

Rasheth- primed 

Lord arbiter Hexeris- primed 

lord tyrant Hexeris- primed 

Master tormentor Morghoul- primed 

supreme aptimus zaal - painted 

tyrant xeris- primed 

void seer mordikaar 



Archidon- primed 

basilisk Krea- painted 

bronzeback titan- partially painted 

cyclops savage x2- primed 

molik karn- primed 

razor worm- primed 

tiberion- painted 

titan arms unglued all variants- primed

titan gladiator primed

Mammoth- unbuilt



Cataphract arcuarii- primed  

cataphract cetrati  and tyrant ua(full unit )- painted  

cataphract cetrati (min unit)- primed 

cataphract incindiarii- partiall painted arms not glued 

Nihilators- painted 

paingiver beast handlers- min unit primed 

praetorian swordsmen and officer and standard- primed 

tyrant commander and standard- primed 



Agonizer x2 - one primed other not 

aptimus marketh- primed 

extroller soulward- primed 

hakaar the destroyer- primed 

martitheurge willbreaker- primed 

paingiver - primed 

paingiver unbuilt 

tyrant rhadeim- unprimed 




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I have a Tyranid force that I am looking to trade for something new. It's mostly unpainted but primed white. Off the top of my head I have:


Winged Hive Tyrant (plastic)

1 Hive Guard (finecast)

1 Zoanthrope (finecast)

3 Raveners (plastic)

~24 Genestealers

~24 Hormagaunts

~24 Termagants

many ripper swarms

10 Gargoyles (plastic)


I know I have some other pieces but I'd have to check. Do you have any interest in trading for Skorne?

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