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Selling Nids plus Marines for cheap

Brother Glacius

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So this is a bit unusual, but I figured I would give it a try. I have two lots of models, Nids and Marines:

(no finecast)

1 hive tyrant - metal (complete, model in pic is only partially assembled)
5 tyrant guards - metal
1 venomthrope - metal
1 lictor/deathleaper - metal
1 broodlord - metal
3 raveners - metal
12 stealers
16 stealers on sprue
24 termagant
16 gants with spinefists
10 gants with devourers
23 gants on sprue
22 spore mines
tons of bits, several foam trays for the nids


Need to verify marine list (no finecast)

Update: 40ish marines - variety of heavy weapons, some special, bolters plenty

5 metal scouts with various weapons

3 bikes

4 attack bikes plus extra sidecar

old whirlwind (nib)

new AA tank NIB

ven dread

FW land raider salamander doors

techmarine with servitors

librarian on bike

librarian on foot

5-7 terms, various weapons (metal models)

Salamander rhino with FW doors

extra set of salamander FW doors


I am offering up these two lots for $400. That money will let me buy the models I want for my other projects.


Oh heck, I'll even throw in my Dystopian Wars prussian army.

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