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Boxed Crusaders Warband for Saga: The Crescent & The Cross


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Hi everyone. Anyone interested in building a Crusaders army for Saga: The Crescent & The Cross? I bought two starting 4-point warband boxes (one mounted, one unmounted) to have the flexibility to mix points. I've only opened the boxes once to see inside, they are new and just arrived earlier this week.


Instead of assembling, priming, painting, and basing two Viking Saga armies and two Crescent & Cross Crusaders armies, I decided to focus my efforts on building just one army of each due to my limited time and the amount of work it takes to do all of that (I'm going to focus on building Normans and Mutatawwi'a. Normans I'm busy working on now, Mutatawwi'a are released in a month or so). I was able to pick up painted sets of Vikings and Crusaders at reasonable prices, which will provide me with two armies per rule set and will give me two painted armies I can bring to the table while I am working on my own armies.


Contents include:


Mounted Warband Box:


Mounted Warlord

8 mounted Hearthguards

8 Warriors

8 Warriors with bows

(9 mounted, 16 foot figures)


Unmounted Warband Box:



4 Hearthguards

4 Hearthguards with 2h weapons

8 Warriors

8 Warriors with bows

(25 foot figures)


$48 for the unmounted box and $67 for the mounted box or best offer. I'm ok just eating the shipping costs. Open to splitting these to two buyers, as well. Let me know. Thanks!

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