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Bolt Action Germans and some US for sale


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Unfortunately, there just enough enough time for all of my hobbies and games. It was a tough decision, but I've decided Bolt Action didn't make the keeper list.


I would prefer to sell this complete. 


Here is what I have. 


Assault on Normandy Box set:

    Hardback Bolt Action rulebook
    20 US Army infantry - assembled and primed black. 
    20 German  infantry - assembled and partly painted as waffen SS 
    1 hard plastic Ruined Farmhouse - partly assembled and primed black.
    8 Bolt Action Orders Dice - 4 tan, 4 brown


Armies of Germany Book


Stug III ausf G - Assembled but unpainted.


Waffen SS box set - Partly assembled but unpainted


          6-man Command Squad: 1x Officer, 1x NCO with MP40 SMG, 1x 2-man radio team with rifles, 1x Medic, 1x rifleman

          9-man squad: 2x NCOs with MP40 SMGs, 1x 2-man MG42 LMG team, 5x riflemen

          1x 81mm mortar with 3 crew

          2x soldats with StG44 assault rifles


Waffen SS HMG42 Team - Partly assembled but unpainted


Waffen SS Flamethrower Team - Partly assembled but unpainted


Waffen SS Sniper Team - Partly assembled but unpainted


Set of maroon orders dice. 


All of this would be a little over $250 retail or $200 from discounted online store. Would let is all go for $150


I'm in Salem, but willing to come meet you in PDX area. 


Will add some photos later. 




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