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So I received a PM from Jim Grahm informing me that, "several complaints from different people about the tone of your posts over the past week or two. You're coming across to others as unnecessarily (Ed. Sp?) rude, derisive, and counter-productive." I have been asked to surrender my first amendment rights in favor of the 'Ordo-Code'.


No problem! I've asked Jim to delete my account. I'm a firm constitutionalist, folks. None of hat I've said here has been any more inflammatory than some of the other rants I've sen but no matter.


One Question I'd ask Mr. Grahm publicly is this: Why threaten to ban me from Ordo for the same tone that you thanked me for using when you sent me a Private PM congratulating me on popping off on Kevin when you "couldn't" (presumably on behalf of working dads everywhere)/


Half the reason this club is falling apart is that its not sire if it's one of Jim's experiments or an actual separate entity. Personally I no longer care. Once you threaten to curb my words, I'm out. I  sincerely hope that I have not caused anyone here any problems and have truly not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. It's too bad we won't be gaming on Tuesday nights but I look forward to seeing you all on other days. Or, if, you're butt-hurt about it then, not. Either way I wish you all the best.


Take care, and for what it worth gentlemen, I'd fight for the club you want not the club you have.





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