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Issue 1: Club Government


What are you after in regards to club government?  

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  1. 1. What are you after in regards to club government?

    • I want things to be different and I want the club government to be less involved and less “formal” (or disbanded).
    • I want things to stay the way things are.
    • I want things to be different and I want the club government to be more involved and more “formal”
    • None of the above.

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Some historical context: The Warhamsters came up with their name and “organized” as a club when we needed a team name to go to the 2007 (I think?) Fantasy OFCC. We’ve always been a loose confederation of like-minded gamers, but we decided (in 2009, I think?) to open a bank account. To open a bank account we needed to have a leadership structure and a “mission statement.”


Initial positions and their duties were:


1) President – Run quarterly meetings, run annual elections, run votes if a vote was necessary, generally look out for the good of the club, required signatory for the bank account.


2) Treasurer – The other required signatory for the bank account. Set up and manages thebank account and


3) Hamsterizer – The person to whom we’re supposed to send new people, the guy who tries to make himself accessible for demo games and for introductions.


(For a brief period of time, there was an Ambassador, but I forget the details. Was it a position we made for Loren?)


That was pretty much the full extent of their duties. In terms of operation, there has never been any “teeth” to the government. That is, anyone can organize whatever they want, play what they want, and generally do what they want. If folks need to use some of the savings (to run an event or the like), the officers were supposed to vet the request and make certain it was legit.


As it stands, the club government is very minimal, as are their duties and expectations. We can change that if we want, but the way it’s been operating now is pretty much what was initially intended. Technically, if we get rid of all officers we should probably close out the bank and paypal account. Or we could make it more formal. Ordo has a formal charter that lays out the club operation in tons of detail. We started to go down that route once, but at the time we decided it didn’t fit what we were after.


I think this stuff is better to talk about in person, but maybe a quick straw poll could help us figure out roughly where we stand. Please keep in mind that this is not a vote or anything binding – just a quick poll. 


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I chose other for this one, because it kind of depends on consensus for the other issue.  If we remain who we are, and Warhamsters are a slowly breeding species, then I really don't see the need for much club government at all.  If we decided we wanted to be a more inclusive and easily-accessed group, then more structure would be good. 

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Hello there,


I voted for the third option. 


Not having the back history with you folks (and thus none of the perspective or whatnot), I feel that if you're going to be a club then just getting down some basic stuff would be a good thing.  Roles/responsibilities that are clearly delineated are good, too.  Now, this doesn't mean a huge amount of extra effort has to go into things... you can have professional-level service from what is pretty basic involvement.


SWAT is a great example:  there's a guy on the team that handles the explosive breaching cadre.  He's the pro from Dover on that topic and is expected to have that stuff nailed down with regards to laws, L&I inspections, applications, information, training, etc.  And he provides that service to the team, making the team stronger.  But he doesn't have anything to do with the medic stuff and rightly so, his plate's already full.  So someone else picks up the slack there.  Clearly defined roles and responsibilities make the team stronger.


Stay safe,



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One additional thought for those of you who voted or are considering option 2 or 3. Don't just consider what you would like the club to do for you; rather, consider what you would be willing to do to make things happen. It takes a lot of effort for follow-through, and if really hope that folks are willing to take the lead for the long haul.


I'm a big fan of Heinlein's "War Voting Act" in For Us, The Living. Basically, whether or not the US goes to war is determined by popular vote of citizens eligible for military service. If it passes, those who voted "yes" are the first to be conscripted, while those who abstain are the second to be conscripted.


I'm really excited about the possibilities here, and I really hope folks are willing to step up to the plate and get stuff done!

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