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Issue 2: Membership


What are you after in regards to club membership?  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. What are you after in regards to club membership?

    • I want things to be different and I want Warhamster membership to be more open and inclusive.
    • I want things to stay the way things are.
    • I want things to be different and I want Warhamster membership to be more closed and restrictive.
    • None of the above.

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The Warhamsters have always consisted pretty much of whoever showed up regularly and whoever played regularly. In the past, we’ve discussed lots of things, like who should have access to the forums, and who should be a “voting” member for when votes arrived. We tossed around lots of options over the years, but ended up settling on this:


1) If someone wants access to the forums, and is in, near, or travels regularly to Bellingham, we give them access to the forum. The forum is closed to people who don't ask for access.


2) Warhamster meetings are announced on the forum, and whoever shows up to the meeting can vote.


In the past, we haven’t had issues with strangers randomly wandering in to voting. We also don’t have much to vote on. However, we can change this either direction. We could open the forums and become less formal. Or we could make who has access to the forums more restrictive and/or come up with some sort of formal process for becoming a Warhamster.


Again, I think this stuff is better to talk about in person, but maybe a quick straw poll could help us figure out roughly where we stand. Please keep in mind that this is not a vote or anything binding  – just a quick poll.

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Hello there,


Voted for the first option.


Again, being new to Dark Tower Games and the gaming scene as of late, I'm looking for a club of folks that like to game, etc.   But not having the history with the other club members, the amount of time to game (heck, 3 games in 3 years can be viewed by some as "not often!" ha ha), etc. I totally understand that I'm not the most active.


But it's still nice to feel included, which is both as much my perspective as the club members'.  So if I show up to game, I like to know that folks are welcoming and have no issues with it rather than the attitude of "we've been here in the trenches, slogging it out... who the heck are you?"  *** DISCLAIMER:  That is not what has ever occurred, it's just an illustration ***


The forums I view separately than the club itself... which again may be part of the problem with regards to my lack of clarity!  ha ha


Stay safe,



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