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What are you working on


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I had a few failed vox caster prototypes using antennas made of wire. Some were quite stabby; you didn't want to reach blindly into the box of miniatures. The magnet antennas can be varied in length, or removed when not needed for WYSIWYG purposes. Caveat: I'm not sure how well primer will stick to the nickel coating of the magnets. 

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Too many projects at once.


Eldar. Going slow and seeking fully painted before playing with.


Exorcists SM. Most models need paint. Just occured to me, was to make a "horned" Death's Head Transport out of the storm raven. That's a Rifts reference to those that play/played.


Warmachine Retribution. Going with a harlequin type paint theme.


Hordes: Legion. Much putty work and painting to do.

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About 40 jump pack Angry Marines (counts-as Blood Angels).  Just picked up a box of Cadians for slaughter fodder conversions.  I will post a thread or even blog on my progress when I start mass production.  So far still in the cleanup (second-hand models) and conversion phase.  I'm hoping to use them at OFCC next year, and will be keeping them PG-13 friendly since I don't find some of the associated topics/slogans people scrawl on them to be particularly funny.

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