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28mm Borderlands models for Dark Eldar


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So, after a couple years of work finishing up my Imperial Fist space marines, I'm looking to start a new endeavor. I've always enjoyed the Borderlands series, and it has a real cool aesthetic I think I can replicate on the table-top. I've started gathering some dark eldar Raiders to convert into Skiffs, and will be ordering some buggies (perfect scale replicas of those in game) to use as Venoms, but have hit a wall trying to find some various infantry models.


Mostly looking to get psychos, some of the pirate enemies, and captain Scarlett. You guys have any suggestions on places to find some Borderlands-y models to convert? I'm also planning on running Eldar allies, so if you've got any vehicle suggestions that could work for wave serpents, that would be awesome. 



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For the Dark Eldar you could, file down the spikes into more of a jagged metal shape than the graceful curves they have; slap some autoguns, generic sci-fi guns, smaller Ork shootas and AK-47's into their hands; and tattoo any exposed flesh they have.

Just spitballing here. I'm at the planning stage of a punk rock Sisters army right now so a lot of the stuff I've been thinking about could easily apply to your army too;)

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Have you considered using the Sand Skiffs (from the Captain Scarlett expansion) or Fan Boats (from the Sir Hammerlock one) for your vehicles? The Outrunner, while obviously more common to the base game, doesn't translate well into DE vehicles.


(You could also consider the Stingray, from the Pre-Sequel, which would be just about perfect size for a Venom.)

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