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Ham Slamwich details and help needed


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The time is nigh! Nearly so, at least.


We currently have 28 players who haven't cancelled, and set for Saturday, November 22nd. 



Brad -  I'll be bugging you tomorrow about picking up some plywood.


Friday night - We need some help setting up terrain and tables. Maybe from 8 to 10 or so? Don, can you get the other two Realm of Battle board to DTG by 8 or so on Friday night? Sherbert, can you be there to help oversee the terrain loveliness? Anyone else who wants to help is welcome, as well! 


Saturday - Doors open early at 9:30 to get finished with setup. Veskit, can you be down with the Frontline Gaming Mats by then?


Players in the tournament will start showing up and checking in by 10.


Kacy, do you have a laptop to use for pairings, or do you need one? I have an old clunker if need be. We've always used "the German program" for pairing in the past, and it's worked pretty well. You'll definitely want to download it and familiarize yourself with it first, though: http://www.tabletoptournaments.net/be/t3_goepp.php


Joey and I will run stuff on the day of, and will need to familiarize ourselves with the Masters FAQ. Joey will be the final rules arbiter, and I'll bring an army in case someone else drops out.


Got folks coming from all over, and it's shaping up to be a pretty fun day. Looking forward to it!

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Hello there,


Jim (see?  better than Mr. Graham!), I will bring the 3rd and 4th terrain boards to Dark Tower Games before the end of Saturday, November 15th.  I am scheduled to work extra shift time from the 17th through the 21st so I gotta bring 'em early.  Hope this is okay... they'll just be there extra early for ya!  I'm probably gonna just leave 3 of the tables at DTG if they'll have them and transport 1 back to home for our game room.


If you need help with a truck for the plywood run, I have a Chevy S10 4x4 that I'm happy to loan out.  It's insured, you just need a valid license.  Or if it's between the 13th and the 15th I can do it for ya since I'm on days off.




Stay safe,



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In regards to Don's Insured truck, according to WA state insurance anyone he gives permission to is covered under whatever insurance coverage his policy has whether licensed or not. Now if he has Medical or Personal Injury Protection(PIP) that are set at high limits then said named driver (if equipped with a great Tom Cruise style of acting) could gather a nice medical paycheck. However don't tell the police I said that. Or specifically the Bellingham Police department. 


Ha ha see guys. I can be useful sometimes. But not all the time.

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